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Asahi Tower project location is worth gold

Can ho asahi tower quan 8 officially opened for sale in the second phase – in September 2020 with extremely attractive prices. After the first phase of opening and selling all apartments in the Asahi Tower project  have found owners. In the opening sale in September 9/2020, Investor will  open new sale  of the most beautiful “Corner – 2view” units in the project with extremely preferential price, discount up to 16%.

Location of Asahi Tower project

The asahi tower project is located on Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, the Vo Van Kiet route will be widened 60m with 6 lanes as the ring road 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Convenient transportation location

Therefore, this will be a project of high profitability in the future, when Vo Van Kiet route is completed, Phu Dinh bridge is completed, Monorail subway line 2 is adjacent to the project.

From the project, it is easy to move to the center of District 7 and Phu My Hung urban area along Nguyen Van Linh in just 15 minutes. Easy to move to the city center in only 20 minutes along Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – a wide and airy road without traffic congestion.

With adequate infrastructure, developed services and trade, convenient transportation routes easily connect to the downtown of the adjacent districts as well as surrounding facilities.

From  Asahi Tower in District 8, get connected quickly to:

Can ho asahi tower quan 8

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